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About this Wiki

This wiki is dedicated to the Tinkle Winkles Joe loves talking about! We use this wiki to maintain Winkes, Tinkles, Sprinkles, Jinkles, and more. Feel free to edit this wiki with useful information like Winkles and Tinkles (update membership roster for new recruits or people leaving/being kicked, fixing grammar, or updating any other information that may have changed). Please do edit pages if you don't know what content to put on them or how to format it. Instead ask any Winkle or Tinkle to edit it or explain to you how to Winkle your Tinkles. Thank you.

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  8. Members Roster
  9. Ranking Up
  10. Clan Allies


  1. Melee Training Guide
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  3. Money Making Guide
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  1. SiiCK K9's Personal Page
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